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During those 4 past years at university, I learned how to re-dub video and create sound effects and music for the moving image. 

This helped me to develop my field recording and foley skills as well as creating sound effects.

Audio Identity and Jingles


The Korean Dream  

Seoul, South Korea

Created the audio identity of the youtube channel The Korean Dream


I made a jingle as well as a piece of music for the end of the videos.

Both were inspired by Tropical House music and Korean traditional instruments as Jake requested something modern but still is related to South Korea. 

« LIVE » TV Pilot

Lyon, France

Composition of the music of the Beginning credits was made in synchronization with the image

LiveStation DIY - Jingle

Lyon, France

Composition of the jingle for the bar and music venue LiveStation.

The Korean Dream - MusicAurelie Moiroud
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